Squeeze Pro for TOS Mobile

I was able to fix the code on the original Squeeze Pro indicator made by Mobius and assembled by TheBewB so that the squeeze dots actually work on ThinkorSwim mobile. If you have ever tried to use the squeeze on TOS mobile you know that it is useless because the only thing that plots properly is the momentum. Not anymore! WS Trades fixed the issue (the first as far as I know). Even though it is coded to show up properly, when you load it for the first time you will have to change the “draw as” settings on the 4 squeezline settings to “POINTS” instead of “LINE”. Simple instructions below. If this helps you out please consider donating to help feed my caffeine addiction. Donation link and QR code are on the right side of every page. Thanks. Download link is at the bottom of the page.

First click on the settings cog on the SqueezeProMobile indicator.

Next you need to click each of the 4 squeezeline plots and change the “draw as” setting from “Line” to “points” and you are all set! TTM Squeeze for TOS mobile is all set!

Squeeze Mobile TOS : https://tos.mx/YHPhq7G